Career Coaching and Consulting

Is it time you did something meaningful & fulfilling, AND got paid for it?

I started my professional life as a drafter in steel reinforcement and was continuing my education in engineering. Good money, and nice perks - but I reached a point where I realized this was not a genuine fit for me. There was so much more in me to contribute and create. Now, some of my most rewarding coaching is helping people to find what they are truly passionate about, and to develop a plan which allows them to transition into that career.

I donate time a few times each year to events in this area of self improvement like Club Fearless, 100 Ways to Create Wealth and Career Astonishment where best selling author Steve Chandler and I introduce concepts and share some case studies of the people we have helped make quantum leaps in their careers through one-on-one coaching.

You'll get about 20% career guidance and career advice, and 80% career coaching - where I'll help you find your own answers and convert them into action.
I can support you to:

  • Find out where your gold is
  • Lay Claim to it
  • Collect and Develop the resources to mine it
  • Locate, Align, or Create a system to mine the gold within you for life

Once we have established that place of trust and complete candor, what we will create together will be beyond either of our expectations, hopes and dreams. And, whatever we create together will be yours to keep.  If you are open to explore your true potential, beyond goal setting, without the stress of keeping up, making up, or catching up… 

Committed to your success,